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From the December 25, 2020 remote-healing session: 
There was a distinctive sensation I did feel. I laid down during the time of the session until I eventually fell asleep, hence I slept through most of it and do not remember any particular dreams. Prior to my drifting to sleep I felt a palpable field, and I could tell something was at work. The sensation was strictly experiential so it is difficult to describe in words. It was a presence, put it that way, and that’s all I could say. So I relaxed into it, trusting your work.
When I woke up I noticed that I was not coughing. The cough has not fully cleared but the edge has significantly come off. Now it’s more of an annoying rasp instead of strong coughing jags. Hence something did happen that catalyzed also my becoming aware that I am no longer able to handle dairy well; perhaps I’ve become lactose intolerant and ingestion of anything dairy contributes to excessive mucus and hence exacerbating the cough. But this of course is a specific area, and I realize that healing doesn’t occur in an isolated area only insofar as every aspect of the body is affected for the healing process to occur.
So I am very grateful for what you have done. Please keep practicing your medicine; remote healing is a very wonderful practice indeed. It is gentle and requires minimal participation of the recipients, which is how it should be. Any real healer does not require any conscious participation to receive the benefits of the healing, the only requirement being some degree of personal consent.  
After the second session in January, my cough has become far less. It is actually quite remarkable how much less it is now, and I fully attribute this to the remote healing that was done, because the cough was actually incessant every day until December 25, and now it’s very infrequent. Thank you Zvonko for your work of remote medicine. It is the real thing.

From the December 25, 2020 remote-healing session:

Hello Zvonko, I saw a lot of colors as I flew through wormholes at a very fast speed like in a DNA shape. I didn’t see my body, only my gaze.

I was not afraid. In the beginning, I heard voices like humming, murmurs, the lights became more and more beautiful, crystals of every shape and color also a lot of gold. In between, I saw a black sticky mass on the sides of the tunnel, but only around the outside. This whole trip was exciting, beautiful and I was awake through the complete journey.
Thank you for this wonderful experience, see you next time.

I wanted to share my personal experience with the RETURNING treatments at Mr. Zvonko. I found out about him thanks to a colleague since I had a period in which I felt very lethargic, depressed, and even without any energy and motivation to live. I have been suffering from epilepsy since the age of 7, which is for 23 years now. I’m taking the therapy the doctor prescribed me. There were attempts to discontinue the therapy, but the disease kept returning. Three months ago I have been suffering from constant Epi seizures, regardless of the regular medication. My head ached constantly and I felt as being drugged. I was so exhausted that my body could no longer withstand a single attack. At the urging of a colleague, I immediately contacted Mr. Zvonko. When I exposed him to my health condition, he invited me to come right away, which I did. He first did three consecutive treatments to fill me with positive energy. During the treatments, I felt blinking in my eyes, tingling all over my body and I was sweating. But at the end of the treatment, I was a new person, happy and full of energy.

After a short break, Zvonko recommended doing a cycle of three treatments that would relate to my illness. Almost after the first treatment, my head stopped hurting and I spent a week without a single attack. And then I got a seizure again but it was milder, I just felt my fingers and toes numb, there was no headache. At the end of the third treatment, he suggested to stop taking the pills and see for how long can I stay without my usual therapy and if I would have any seizure again. And now it’s been 34 days since I’ve stopped taking pills and I can say I haven’t had a single attack and I feel alive and full of energy. I wholeheartedly recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to strengthen the health, restore peace, energy and bring joy into their daily lives. Many thanks to Mr. Zvonko, he is responsible for my wellbeing today. Whenever I’ll have the opportunity, I will surely repeat the treatment.

From the December 25, 2020 remote-healing session:

Hello Zvonko, I saw a lot of colors as I flew through wormholes at a very fast speed like in a DNA shape. I didn’t see my body, only my gaze.

I was not afraid. In the beginning, I heard voices like humming, murmurs, the lights became more and more beautiful, crystals of every shape and color also a lot of gold. In between, I saw a black sticky mass on the sides of the tunnel, but only around the outside. This whole trip was exciting, beautiful and I was awake through the complete journey.
Thank you for this wonderful experience, see you next time.

I first got in touch with Zvonko in December 2020, following the recommendation of a friend of mine who had already been several times to Zvonko for a massage. Unfortunately, I can’t write about the effects of his massage, because due to anti-Covid restrictions, I can’t physically travel from Ljubljana to Umag for a massage, so Zvonko and I agreed on an individual RETURNING therapy at distance. Despite the fact that the therapy was performed at distance, I could feel the waves of energy entering through my feet, circulating around my body and I could even feel if the energy was blocked in some part or was flowing freely. No matter what condition I was in before the therapy, I always felt regenerated, more energetic, and childishly playful after it. Since then, Zvonko and I have agreed on more therapies and I must say that I have noticed big changes. Not only I do no longer have physical pain (I was supposed to have kidney stones that miraculously disappeared after just 1 therapy and were no longer found in the next CT-scan), but my mental state is also much better. I used to react violently to my husband’s provocations and humiliations, but now I am calmer and plan my coming days, months …. in fact, even if my husband tries to provoke me, he simply fails … I find it easier to maintain focus and clarity, I find it easier to remain calm and control stress, I have no worries and I trust my path.

Zvonko, thank you for your selflessness, your time, knowledge, and energy you invested in my case – not only during the therapy but also in our after therapy conversations, and socializing at distance is always wonderful. Thank you for the ideas you develop and for the knowledge you share …. thank you for your support on my journey … and most of all, thank you for loving people and your will to help them.
I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to experience the effects of your physical massage soon. I’m already looking forward 😊.

Z.B. suggested me to try the RETURNING treatment and I can say that I am delighted with the results after the first treatment. The feeling of comfort, happiness, and well-being is indescribable. It exceeded all my expectations. A new experience that helped me with my long-standing health problem and filled me with energy. An experience that I warmly recommend to everyone and that I personally can’t wait to repeat.

Many thanks to Zvonko.

Before the treatment, I was very irritable, exhausted by a lot of duties and work, and also sleepless because of nursing a baby all night long. After giving birth, I have been suffering from episodes of severe pain in my leg, so the doctors thought it could be thrombosis. Heart palpitations became more frequent, too. Last few months I was so weak that I frequently felt as if I were to faint.
Already after the first treatment, I was much calmer, so nicely calm inside myself, in my heart, in my soul. I had much more vital energy. The duties remained the same, but with each treatment, I managed to deal with them more easily. Mr. Zvonko also treated my baby for three nights in sequence, so that she started sleeping better – she normally used to wake up 10x / night, but after the treatment, it was reduced to only 2-3x or less. So I could sleep and rest, even more. I no longer have pain in my leg, it seems that my body is regenerating and I feel really well. I am very grateful to Zvonko for everything, including the group treatments, where I felt such wonderful energy, which calmed all the tensions in all the members of my family at home, and we all became overwhelmed with love. Thanks for everything, from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you very much Zvonko for helping my mother recover from the Corona virus.

I don’t think she would have made it without you.
Our family is very grateful.

With endless gratitude to Zvonko and the help I received, I want to share my experience with RETURNING therapy.
For many years I have been suffering a lot of pain in my spine and legs (disc herniation, osteoarthritis…).

I tried everything possible to maintain my health condition by visiting the spa, chiropractors, healers, masseuses  …
I have successfully kept the condition under control for two years, but the pandemic disrupted my regularity and my health condition worsened.
I arranged an appointment for a massage and Zvonko suggested this self-healing treatment before the massage and explained the procedure.

I have unlimited trust in my masseur and of course, I accepted, because I know how important each client is to him. Of all the healings and techniques I have tried so far, this was something completely new. During the treatment itself, I felt shivering and great heat in my body, especially in my legs, forearms, and hands. I was thrilled by the state of complete peace, the feeling of relief, and the almost meditative state I felt. That flickering of my body seemed as if every cell of my body vibrates around another cell transmitting information / healing it. This was followed by a massage and what really surprised me was my completely relaxed body, which was in such a state that I did not feel any pain or discomfort, even though I had not been for a massage for almost six months.

I repeated these treatments several times more and he also did a massage with Tibetan bowls, as well, which completely surprised me for the effect it left.

These treatments have brought me primarily great peace, joy, and relief from my aches and pains and I feel I have more energy. I wholeheartedly recommend this therapy to everyone who wants more health and joy, and I am immensely grateful to Zvonko and I can’t wait to feel the benefits of this therapy again.

Hello, I am an elderly, retired person, so my life has gone through some changes lately. My arms and joints started to hurt a bit and I’m not as fast as I used to be. But I still don’t give up and I’m constantly on the move. My biggest problem was how to get rid of a memory of an event that happened 55 years ago. I was constantly haunted by this event until I agreed to take part in the RETURNING therapy. I had three treatments. During the first treatment, I had a vision; I saw a small window through which the event of 55 years ago appeared. During the treatment, that event started disappearing and after the last treatment, it completely vanished. During the second treatment, I was so relaxed that I fell asleep. Now I finally don’t think about the past, the event doesn’t haunt me anymore, I sleep better, I don’t have nightmares and the pains I used to have are less painful which allows me to enjoy being in nature every day, in my garden and with my hens, as well as walking in the woods with my dog.

I can say that I am very lucky and feel privileged to have met Zvonko.
I enjoy his massage and it is a real pleasure for my body. I trust him completely, and in his hands, he showed me what a real massage is.

He managed to completely relax every muscle of my body and make me feel great. He noticed that I needed extra help, so he recommended me the RETURNING self-healing treatment. He explained to me how it works and I gladly accepted it.

We agreed on a cycle of three treatments with an explanation of how it will be done. There should be a two-day break after each treatment.
It was important to him to know everything about my life challenges, health, physical and mental conditions.

After each treatment, I felt an avalanche of positive energy. It awakened some long-hidden problems and feelings. I was able to relive some significant moments in my life. I also realized which problems held me back.
After each treatment, we talked about my feelings and what would be helpful to do next.

I feel my health has improved, my knees don’t hurt anymore and my feet hurt a lot less than before the treatment. My posture has improved and I sleep much better. My self-confidence is better and I started taking more care of myself and love myself more.

Zvonko, thank you for everything you have done for me, I am very grateful to you!

State before the RETURNING therapy:

Lack of energy, chronic pain, chronically tired, depressed, couldn’t sleep. 
After RETURNING therapy:

Energy levels are great, depression is gone, chronic pain and restlessness reduced to 40%, inability to sleep reduced to 30%. 

The night of full moon on February 27th, 2021 when I was attending RETURNING Self-Healing Technique Therapy, a few times already, was for me a night of meditation being overwhelmed with beautiful and profound Love, which was coming firstly into my physical body as a softly repetitive warm energy waves connecting me with the profound energy of the Source.

These physical feelings were afterward enlarged with great spiritual inspiration for Peace in the World. The same night I participated at a great online Event from Korea 5 th ‘Rally of Hope” when people joined hoping to bring back God’s Love and embrace to every human being on the Earth through practicing actively Interdependence, Mutal Prosperity, and Universal Shared Values among people. And finally, in the dawn of a new day this Universal Love resulting physically and spiritually being united with my beloved spouse.

So I finally could feel all the three Blessings from God in one Night – being connected in harmony and love with myself, with my spouse, and with the people of the world and with mother Nature. This was possible only when I was ready to RETURN BACK TO my SOURCE – GOD in me. I’m deeply grateful for the benefits of RETURNING Therapy in my life.

By being a part of Self-Healing Technique Therapy I could feel coming back to my original me. I could feel again joy in my heart, being deeply grateful for every single thing, especially I’m deeply grateful of RETURNING JOY back INTO MY HEART. It is like I find again a happy child in my heart. When I was able to connect with my Original Source -The Mother of us all – the beautiful changes in my life started to happen again.

Now I’m joyfully meeting every person. My heart wishes to touch the heart of this person by connecting mine and his / her particle of one Universal God – Heavenly Parent who is waiting eagerly for every human being to RETURN.

Connecting back again with the Universal Energy – The Love of Heavenly Parent brings so much refreshing energy and HARMONY IN MY LIFE.

My heart wishes to revive this joy in every person I meet.

Till now I have attended a few RETURNING events. Honestly, before I did not feel much, but the last event on February 27, 2021, was very powerful for me and to me.

I had a vision of all the participants being in the circle and holding hands. The energy was flowing from one to another. Each person received the energy and then gave it to another person, but during transport, the person kept some energy which was produced during the process. The floating energy made many circles so the energy power of the whole group was rising with each circle that was made. At the end of the event we as a group were filled with energy and also as individuals. It was an amazing experience and I am very grateful for it.

Thank you

I can say that therapies help me calm my thoughts. 

I have a very stressful job and therapies help me to relax more easily and to relieve tension in the body. 

The next day after therapy my body is relaxed, my muscles and tendons are not that stiff and I am more and more calm. 

I also notice I gain more confidence in myself.