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The website automatically collects information about the device with which you access the website. This data is used to improve the user experience and service and to obtain general statistics related to the use of the website.

By entering personal data in the fields provided on the website, you confirm that you have voluntarily made your personal data available and that you allow it to be used for the purpose for which the data was provided.

We will especially warn you when we need your personal information to enable us to provide you with a service. The personal information we collect through the website may include your name, company or organization name, address, telephone, email address and other information as needed.
The website may use the information collected to provide you with a better user experience, facilitate the use of the website by eliminating the need to enter the same information frequently or to tailor the website to your personal preferences and interests.

This website does not sell, rent or lend the personal information of website users to third parties and protects your personal information from unauthorized access.

Given the importance of personal information and our obligation of transparency, below is information about cookies, how we use them on the website and what options you have if you would rather disable them despite the benefits they bring.

Your personal data is collected and used only on the basis of data you have voluntarily provided, either by registering on the newsletter (personal data such as: name and surname, address, email will be used during registration) or by using the Website.
Collected personal data is stored in electronic form, and all appropriate technical and organizational measures are applied to prevent personal data breaches. Received emails with your personal data will be used only for the purpose of fulfilling your requests.

What are cookies and what is their function?

Cookies are text files that are stored on the user’s computer by a website that the user visits. Allows you to collect statistics on user behavior on Web pages (e.g., which parts of the Web site users spend the longest and where the shortest), which Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox) is used, and the like.
A cookie is a small packet of data sent from a server to a user’s computer and serves as an anonymous identifier. The purpose of cookies is to improve the user experience when using the website. Cookies on the website are anonymized and are not used for the purpose of accessing user data or to monitor user activities after leaving.
The Internet browser has the ability to use cookies and if their settings are enabled in their settings, the server will save the cookie to the user’s computer and will use it the next time you open the same page.

Cookies allow the website to find out the user’s desired settings, allow you to quickly and efficiently navigate the pages thanks to the memory of user selections, options and favorite settings.

Over 90% of all websites use cookies, but according to European Union regulations from 2011, it is mandatory to display a message about the use of cookies.
The website can also be visited if cookies are disabled, but certain features will be disabled.

What information do cookies store?

Cookies usually store information such as the preferred language of the page and the address, so that each time you open the page, the Internet browser sends cookies that belong to that page and allows it to display information tailored to user needs.

Cookies can also store personal information (eg username or email), but they can only be stored if the user allows it.

Cookies cannot access information that has not been given to them, and this includes the contents of the user’s computer (such as files, images, documents, etc.). The purpose of cookies is benevolent; they are not harmful and cannot carry viruses, and are aimed at a better surfing experience.

How to disable cookies?

The default settings for saving and sending cookies are not visible, but you can still change the settings of the user’s browser so that users can choose whether to approve or reject requests to save cookies, delete saved cookies automatically when closing the browser, etc.

Cookie settings are edited in a web browser, and disabling them will not allow you to use some of the functionality of the website.

What kind of cookies are there?

We distinguish between temporary and permanent cookies. Temporary ones are removed from the user’s computer when the browser is closed, and permanent ones remain saved on the computer after the browser is closed.

We also distinguish between first and third party cookies. First-party cookies include those already described (temporary and permanent), while third-party cookies originate from other partner sites you view and are located on the website the user is visiting. With them, websites can track user usage of the Internet for marketing purposes.

What cookies does use and why? uses cookies with the primary goal of a better user experience and functionality.

Third party cookies uses external service cookies that store limited cookies for the user. These cookies are not set by this website, but some serve for the normal functioning of certain features that make it easier for users to access the content. We currently provide:

Attendance measurement uses a service to measure traffic – Google Analytics.
If you would like to disable cookies from this service, you can disable them at the following link: Google Analytics –

Additional information about opting out of cookies

There are currently several websites to turn off the storage of cookies for different services.

You can find out more at the following links:

http: //
http: //

Do you have questions about the cookie policy?

If you have any questions regarding the cookie policy for this or your own website, please contact us by email at


RETURNING takes all security measures to protect user data, during input and transfer, data processing, and storage. Access to data is limited and is available only to employees who need it to conduct business activities.

Personal data provided to RETURNING during registration will be kept for the duration of the Website or for the duration of user registration. All data provided to RETURNING during registration on the Website will be destroyed at the latest when it is closed.

Users at any time have the right to request notification of what personal data is processed by RETURNING , or to change or delete it, by sending a request by email to

Privacy protection changes and updates

We regularly review and update our privacy policies as necessary to provide you with the greatest possible security in your use of the Website. The current version is always available on our page.

Important changes and additions to can be notified to users and / or published on the website and / or by email.

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