Pets And Animals Plan


  • for 1 Pets And Animals RETURNING – Self–Healing Treatment
  • regardless of how many pets and animals will participate in the multiple Pets And Animals RETURNING treatment, the price is at an affordable discounted rate

30 € / $ 37

single pet

50 € / $ 61

multiple pets

As you know, treatments do not have a set price, making contributions like yours is very meaningful.

For anyone who cannot contribute, I will donate my time and do the RETURNING treatment for free.

Pets And Animals is a RETURNING – Self-Healing treatment that can be scheduled to happen just one time or it can be scheduled for a few times until the desired subject matter that we work on is resolved.
Pets and animals are sometimes in need of an energy boost that can help them to recover from some form of physical manifestation of discomfort or perhaps they just need help with their vitality.

If you have a few pets and animals that need treatments, you have an option to have treatments done at the same time for a few of them.

This option is only possible for a remote RETURNING treatment.

Most times at least 3 RETURNING treatments are needed to fully soften and remove the issue that is worked on.

I try to schedule these treatments in such a way that there are 2 non-treatment days between each treatment.
This gives the pet and animal the ability to absorb and utilize the healing energy that they are getting during treatments.

I recommend everyone to have a Healing Pad for their pet and animal.

  • 45-minute RETURNING treatment during which a boost of energy will be remotely channeled to your pet and animal, or if I am physically present next to them, the energy will be channeled to them live.​

Please note that the remote Pets And Animals RETURNING – Self-Healing treatment is NOT an online event.
There is no need to be connected to any application, there’s no live streaming, so no internet or Wi-Fi is necessary.

RETURNING is the practice of energy channeling remotely for the pet and animal.
It is gentle and requires minimal participation of the recipients, which is how it should be.

Since the Pets And Animals RETURNING – Self-Healing treatment is remote I will need their name – if they have one, AND a short description of what subject matter you would like to focus on during the treatment.

Please keep in mind that the boost of positive, healing energy will also work on other areas and levels where it’s needed.

For your pet and animal to be remotely connected, in order that the energy reaches your pet and animal over distance, I need to open a channel – a link towards each pet and animal.
To do this, I use their name, where, and with whom they live.

Before the beginning of the RETURNING treatment, it would be nice if you would in your own words – in your own way, express a blessing for the treatment and express gratitude for your pet and animal to be able to participate in this unique RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique.

During this RETURNING treatment, for those of you that already have the Healing Pad, it would be great if you could place it under your pet and animal during the treatment.

  • For those of you that would like to buy or learn more about the Healing Pad, please click HERE.

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