Menstrual Cycle Plan


for Menstrual Cycle treatment

37 € / $ 45

monthly subscription

As you know, treatments do not have a set price, making contributions like yours is very meaningful.

For anyone who cannot contribute, I will donate my time and do the RETURNING treatment for free.

Menstrual Cycle is an ongoing RETURNING plan for girls and women that would like to naturally boost their energy level during the menstrual cycle, thus going through it with less physical and emotional discomforts while at the same time helping the body with the hormonal changes that are happening during those days.
Most girls and women feel some degree of fatigue prior to or during the cycle.

Some have physical pain or cramps while some have headaches, back pain, irritability or moodiness, feeling sad or emotional, bloating, breast tenderness, etc.

You can help your body by giving it more energy one or two days before or on the first day of the bleeding.

As your overall initial energy level will be higher this will help you to cope easier with the sensations that you feel and with the natural rhythm of hormonal changes that are going on in the body.

Giving your body another energy boost at the end of the menstrual cycle will help your body to get a quicker and smoother start of the phase between the two cycles.

Regain more energy with the RETURNING – Self-Healing treatments and help your body to function better.

I recommend everyone to have at least one Healing Pad and use it daily.

  • 30-minute RETURNING treatment for 6 specific days of your menstrual cycle during which a boost of energy will be remotely ​channeled to you. ​

Please note that the remote Menstrual Cycle RETURNING – Self-Healing treatment is NOT an online event.
There is no need to be connected to any application, there’s no live streaming, so no internet or Wi-Fi is necessary.

RETURNING is the practice of energy channeling, either remotely or being near the person.
It is gentle and requires minimal participation of the recipients, which is how it should be.

Even though the beginnings of treatments might differ each day, regardless of what the recipients might be doing at the time of the treatment, they can be sure that a daily energy boost will be utilized by their bodies and that it will make a significant difference in their day-to-day well-being.

For you to be connected to this group experience, in order that the energy reaches you over distance, I need to open a channel – a link towards each person.
To do this, I use your basic personal information:

  1. First name
  2. Last name​​
  3. Day, month, and year of birth​​

Before the beginning of the RETURNING treatment, it would be nice if you would in your own words – in your own way, express a blessing for the treatment and express gratitude for being able to participate in this unique RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique – Gathering over Distance.

During this RETURNING treatment, for those of you that already have the Healing Pad, it would be great if you could sit on it or lay on it during the treatment.

  • For those of you that would like to buy or learn more about the Healing Pad, please click HERE.

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