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As you know, treatments do not have a set price, making contributions like yours is very meaningful.

For anyone who cannot contribute, I will donate my time and do the RETURNING treatment for free.

Create Your Own plan that is targeted for your personal desires.

Tell me what your specific needs are so that I can better help you.

Create Your Own RETURNING – Self-Healing treatment plan that can be scheduled to happen just one time or it can be scheduled for a few times until the desired subject matter that we work on is resolved.

Try RETURNING treatments with confidence and feel how they help you. ​​Please get in touch with me by sending an email to

Wishing you only the very best, love, health, and happiness.

May goodness continue to flower within you.

Thank you kindly for your interest in RETURNING – Self-Healing treatment​s.

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MAKE A CONTRIBUTION and support remote individual and group energy self-healing experiences.

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