Level 1

BASIC Level – 1 Healing Pad


  • A certificate for the BASIC level of RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique.
    Send your full name and email address and you will receive a PDF file that you can print.
  • An email with PDF instructions in English language on how to perform the RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique.
  • An email with PDF instructions in English language for Healing Pad – Use, Care & Warranty.


  • All individuals who want to use the RETURNING – Self-Healing power by using the Healing Pad in the process of returning back to the state of well-being.
  • All individuals who want to help by giving their Healing Pad for a short time to their family members or friends so that they too get a boost of RETURNING – Self-Healing power generated by the Healing Pad.
  • All professionals like massage therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, and all others whose clients sit or lay down during their treatments. By using even just 1 Healing Pad healthcare professionals can have even better results with their existing therapies and have more satisfied clients. The more Healing Pads that you use, the better are the results with the treatment.

As with the BASIC level a person is using only 1 Healing Pad, it is best that the Healing Pad is positioned under the upper part of the body. This activates the positive flow of energy throughout the whole body.

If the Healing Pad is used on the sitting area, the positive flow of energy throughout the whole body will also happen.

If on some areas of your body you have aches and pain, place the Healing Pad directly on that area and use the RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique to help your body raise the vibrational level, energize it and let Self-Healing take place.

As you lay or sit on even just one Healing Pad the cells of your body will gradually start to react to the positive vibrational changes.

Healing Pad is a tested and certified product.

To learn more about the Healing Pad, please click HERE.