Advanced – Personal Energy Doctor

Level 3

ADVANCED Level – 10 Healing Pads


  • A certificate for the ADVANCED level of RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique.
    Send your full name and email address and you will receive a PDF file that you can print.
  • An email with PDF instructions in English language on how to place the 10 Healing Pads under and above yourself or the client.
  • An email with PDF instructions in English language on how to perform the RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique.
  • An email with PDF instructions in English language for Healing Pad – Use, Care & Warranty.


  • All individuals who want to use the RETURNING – Self-Healing power by using the Healing Pad in the process of returning back to the state of well-being. 
  • All professionals like massage therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, and all others whose clients lay down during their treatments. By using 10 Healing Pads healthcare professionals can have even better results with their existing therapies and have more satisfied clients.
  • On this level RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique can be incorporated into an existing form of therapy that you might be already doing or RETURNING can be used as a stand-alone treatment. You will be amazed how positively people will react to this form of therapy.

When the 10 Healing Pads are positioned under and above the person they create an energy space around their body. Clients will feel safe, like in a soft cloud. This energy space acts as a positive, protective field in which gentle energy moves like a wave through and around the body, and the benefits can be instantly felt on numerous areas of the body. RETURNING – Self-Healing treatment is going on at the same time from their head to toes.

As the person lays on numerous Healing Pads the cells of the body will quickly start to react to the positive vibrational changes.

Healing Pad is a tested and certified product.

To learn more about the Healing Pad, please click HERE.