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Event Type: Group energy self-healing experience – Gathering over Distance
​Location: From the comfort of your home

  • Everyone is WELCOMED

You can register at any time prior to the event.

The last chance to register is 24 hours before the beginning of the event.

Full Moon Events For The Year 2024

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Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual Cycle is an ongoing RETURNING plan for any female that has menstruation cycles.

It is extremely beneficial to get a boost of healing energy just before the cycle, or on the first day of the cycle, as well as when the menstrual cycle is finished.

Regain more energy and help your body to go through those days.

Register and feel how much better you can feel during each menstruation cycle.

24 / 7

24 / 7 is an ongoing RETURNING plan for anyone that wants to LIVE LIFE FULLY ENERGIZED.

It is tremendously favorable to get a daily boost of healing energy.

Regain more energy with the RETURNING treatment and help your body to function better each day.

Your Well-Being is at your fingertips.

Register and feel how much better you can feel every day.

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Custom Events

Please get in touch with me and let’s set up a group event for your company, organization, team, healthcare facility, etc.

Customized events can be organized for groups of any size.
Every person will greatly benefit from the energy boost that they will receive during the remote treatments.