Diary Of Positive Changes

If you decide to use RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique treatments over an extended time, you will notice and feel positive, gentle changes in your life.

People that you surround yourself with will also observe the positive changes on you.

The energy that is gained during the RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique treatments moves on many levels of our being – to those areas that need an energy boost that softens and removes the physical, emotional, and energetical tightness and it creates a balanced healing flow.

It would be a good practice to have one of those old fashion paper notebooks and name it Diary Of Positive Changes.

In your diary write down how you felt about 15 minutes prior to the treatment, how and what you felt during the RETURNING treatment, how and what you felt after the treatment.

If you have treatments every few days, observe how the few days in-between the RETURNING treatments have been shaped by your overall well-being.

Write down everything !

After some time, go back to your diary and see what all has improved in your life since you started with the RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique treatments.

Remember, there are many levels of RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique.

Explore and become a better version of yourself each day.​

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