What The Recipient Can Expect To Feel During Or After The Treatment

RETURNING treatments are very gentle, and often do not cause any physical sensations besides a feeling of relaxation.

Each treatment is highly personal and can lead to different sensations. As energy flows and blockages are released, for some it may lead to a release of pent-up thoughts that have bothered the recipient for some time, causing an emotional release. Some recipients perceive the energy flow through twitches, short bursts of physical pain where energy is being held. Others feel sensations of heat or sweat as the blockages “burn out” from within the body. This is healing energy at work, cracking, shifting, and transforming from unhealthy to well-being. Some recipients experience leaving their physical body and “travelling” to other levels where some see colors, light, get deeper insights, or even hear messages.

Remember, a safe energy space is created for each person. This space acts as a positive, protective field in which gentle energy moves like a wave through and around the body.

RETURNING benefits for the receiver

  • Emotions may soften and blocks lifted, leaving the recipient feeling release from their hold, and allowing more love and respect into their hearts
  • Old ways of thinking transform, mental blocks lift, and past habits loosen, enabling the participant to move forward with lessened fears or worries
  • Physical tightness, discomforts and pain dissolve
  • Hormonal functions may balance
  • Immune system improves its functions
  • Reduced stress
  • Higher levels of consciousness

Recipient tips for success

  • Lay down, relax and be mentally present so you can feel the physical and emotional responses of the treatment within you
  • Ideally, you would remain awake for the duration of the treatment and stay mentally focused during the whole treatment on what is going on inside your body
  • If the thoughts drift away, catch yourself and refocus on the inner movements in your body
  • Try to imagine a gentle, yet powerful vibration within each cell in your body
  • Try to feel, or imagine, tightness in the physical body loosening
  • Try to feel, or imagine, tightness in your mind is loosening
  • Imagine, or feel, a soft, gentle, protective, safe, powerful layer around your body within which you can let go and release tightness on all levels
  • Imagine, or feel, yourself floating on a cloud
  • Breathe and let go 

Try RETURNING treatments with confidence and feel how they help you.