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Every Self-Healing Technique should be efficient, affordable, practical, easy to understand and learn, safe and beneficial for all ages, and simple to perform.

RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique meets all these requirements.

RETURNING was created as an advanced therapy that everyone can perform on themselves and on others.

The main reason why RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique is simple to perform and why it is very efficient is because on each of the 3 RETURNING levels the Healing Pad is used as a silent and powerful helper.

To become a RETURNING therapist, the only investment that you have is to buy 1, 4, or 10 Healing Pads – depending on what level you choose to be.

Please read more about the levels of RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique by clicking HERE.

Teaching and giving helpful information on how to perform RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique is TOTALLY FREE.

When you receive your Healing Pads, please get in touch with me by email: and I will send a PDF file in English language with all the instructions about how to perform the RETURNING treatment.

If you are already doing some form of therapy, you can also include RETURNING as your service and make this therapy available to many people that need it.

If you would simply like to help yourself personally, become a RETURNING therapist for yourself and greatly benefit from it.

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