RETURNING Self-Healing Technique

Gateway to a state of well-being


It is a gentle Self-Healing Technique during which a safe energy space is created for each participant, with minimal participation required from the recipient. The energy space acts as a positive, protective field in which gentle energy moves like a wave through, and around the body.

For us to function optimally, our energy needs to be in motion. Any blockages or trapped energy weaken us, and lead to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain.

RETURNING – Self-Healing treatments are also available at your location.

Returning – Self-Healing Technique

RETURNING produces a positive field that releases the trapped energy, allowing our personal energy field to grow and vibrate at a higher, healthier level. The energy gained during the RETURNING treatment moves on many levels of our being to those areas that need an energy boost. This softens and removes the physical, emotional, and energetical tightness, and creates a balanced, healing flow. As a result, physical bodies recover and heal, the emotional state eases up, hormones balance, the immune system strengthens, circulation improves, thoughts clear, and the recipient feels energized and productive.

Think of RETURNING as a gateway back to a state of well-being, happiness and spirituality. 

Why is it called RETURNING?

RETURNING – Self-Healing Technique has this name because it is returning us back to the state of well-being, in all its shapes, colors, and beauty.

When our body has an abundance of energy all of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual functions will return to their optimal level – to a healthy state.

During and after the treatment, it might feel like you gave yourself a reset – as if you rebalanced yourself on multiple levels.

Gathering Over Distance

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Group energy self-healing experience from the comfort of your home – totally free!

Before the treatment, I had difficulties with double vision, a pronounced hump on my back, and my biggest problem was the leak of concentration and poor memory. I was very sensitive, I cried a lot and my vital energy was very low. Immediately after the first treatment, my eyesight improved, I couldn't even believe it. My daughter noticed my body and back became more upright and I soon noticed it myself, too. Two more treatments followed and the double vision almost disappeared. My memory is improving day by day and I feel better, happier, and have more energy for walking, which I had avoided lately, and stayed mainly at home. I am very grateful to Mr. Zvonko for his help and I look forward to my further progress.
From the December 25, 2020 remote-healing session: ​Hello Zvonko, I saw a lot of colors as I flew through wormholes at a very fast speed like in a DNA shape. I didn't see my body, only my gaze. I was not afraid. In the beginning, I heard voices like humming, murmurs, the lights became more and more beautiful, crystals of every shape and color also a lot of gold. In between, I saw a black sticky mass on the sides of the tunnel, but only around the outside. This whole trip was exciting, beautiful and I was awake through the complete journey. Thank you for this wonderful experience, see you next time.

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